We take the education as foundation.

Qualified and responsible staff is one of the pillars of our corporate culture, which makes a decisive contribution to our success. Therefore,the development of staff’s abilities is one of driving force on our core strategy. We give support to the staff in their creativity and personal education, especially the development of their capability . In 2012, our staff received training and learning for an average of 45 hours. Development situation of staff’s personal ability  will be recorded in performance management system and will be discussed every half year in the staff meeting. Besides of training and E-learning project, we will use advanced management philosophy to make sure of learning effect.
In order to ensure that all the staff have a comfortable and inspiring work environment, we place our hope of ability development on diversity and inclusiveness. Staff will learn skills, help other people, develope his abilities, show his abilities and ideas to make contribution to the enterprise, regardless of his race, religion or social background.