In this bright-colored
packaging world,
packaging design of
excellent products always
plays an active role in stimulating buyers’
purchase intention.

In the initial phase, packaging was just used as protecting products during transportation, making a convenient storage and leading sales promotion. Till today, an excellent outer packaging shares about 30% of products value.

In the past 23 years, there is a enterprise who has been promoting the progress of paper packaging. From home life to indoor and outdoor sports, daily supplies to food and drug, gifts & crafts to exhibition display, hardware tool to electronic products, these kinds of packaging cases of this enterprise can be found anywhere. It strives to meet each customer’s demands to provide flexible and characteristic scheme on products’outer packaging. It is Jinggong packaging, the expert in color box making.

We strive to meet the needs of every paper product packaging customer, as follows:

Analysis of demand

Include cost, custom quantity, material usage, style, delivery date


Complete the sample before mass production in the shortest time and deliver it to the customer's hands

Arrange production

Contains productivity distribution, raw material entry and review, cardboard model design, processing requirements

Quality Control

The first inspection, sampling inspection and full inspection of finished products for each process, to ensure that each package is a quality product


Design a reasonable transportation package according to the customer's product characteristics to ensure the maximum use of container transportation space